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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 01:08

Democrats need to unite behind Christopher

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To the Editor:

I’m deeply troubled to learn that some Haywood Democrats are still disgruntled about the appointment of Greg Christopher as sheriff. First of all, no one was more disappointed than me that Chief Deputy Larry Bryson was defeated. I proudly submitted his nomination to the Executive Committee. However, after talking with several committee members afterward, it was apparent that Greg’s inclusive management style and desire for increased collaboration with other community agencies had resonated strongly. While Larry was viewed as capable and experienced, most committee members thought he represented the “status quo” and Greg reflected a “fresh start” for the sheriff’s department. 

I challenge any Democrat still upset about the outcome to be guided by the example set by Hillary and Bill Clinton. Following her failure to win the 2008 presidential nomination, Hillary was described as “somber, prideful, aggrieved and confused,” but she and Bill regrouped and pledged their full support to Barack Obama. Just think what could’ve happened if Hillary had disengaged from the Democratic Party and encouraged supporters to stay home or vote for John McCain.

It’s time to focus on 2014 and working together to elect Sheriff Christopher to his first full term in office. 

Myrna Campbell

Chair, Saunook Democratic Precinct

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