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Wednesday, 25 October 2006 00:00

An open letter to Sylva

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Most of us in the course of a week find a reason to go to downtown Sylva. We may go out to eat, or to the library, post office or bank, or perhaps just shop. There’s plenty of pleasure — and necessity — to be found downtown for residents of the area. As a real, working, genuine town, Sylva functions very well.


But still, there is potential to be met.

The folks involved in our Bridge Park Project believe that this park, while relatively modest in scope, can have a great impact. The land that will become the park is directly between two well-developed parts of Sylva. Once those areas are connected with a bridge, this land becomes the “bridge” between these two parts of town.

Moreover, we can all imagine the ways in which an attractive park downtown with an outdoor venue for performances will benefit our town and community.

The Bridge Park Project has been a lot of fun; a healthy, cooperative effort, begun by a small group of people whose enthusiasm has been contagious. As we’ve moved along, many others have joined the effort.

Together, we represent a broad cross-section of life in Jackson County, and as such we have a wealth of ideas, expertise and resources at our disposal. We’ve combined the pragmatic nature of some groups with the creative bent of others, and the result is a very feasible project. In turn, we’ve broadened the impact of the project by reaching as many members of our diverse community as possible. We are building bridges in more ways than one.

By involving the people who are going to use the park in its planning and funding, we assure that when our project is complete, a true community resource will be the result.

Please consider contributing to this project, and know that you are investing in the future of Sylva, and all of its wonderful possibilities.

Thank you,

Sarah Graham
Bridge Park Project Coordinator

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