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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 00:00


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Several groups compile score cards for state legislators based on their voting record. Queen and Presnell were both ranked by these groups during their respective years in the state Senate.


The NC Public Interest Research Group scores legislators on a handful of key votes they consider to be a measure of voting in the public interest.

Queen: 100 percent

Presnell: 60 percent.

The Conservation Council of North Carolina scores legislators on a handful of key votes they consider to be a measure of their environmental voting record.

Queen: 100 percent

Presnell: 71 percent

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research ranks the effectiveness of legislators each year. Rankings are based on surveys completed by the legislators themselves, by registered lobbyists who work in the General Assembly, and by capital news reporters. Freshmen are usually lower on the totem pole.

Queen: 35th of 50

Presnell: 46th of 49

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