The TEA Party is who is making change

To the Editor:

Recent elections in Haywood County have seen Republicans getting elected. Some of this activity is due in part to the Active TEA Party in Haywood County (

Nationally, the TEA Party gets a lot of media attention because of this success. Some Republicans in office may be afraid they will be ousted in GOP primaries because of their voting records. So these politicians may attack the TEA Party.

TEA Party people are elected on principles instead of party control. The establishment politicians worry. Lobbies in D.C. lose control. “We the People” get better representation.

Locally, the Republican Party may be attacked, but the TEA Party is not to blame. Yes, these Republicans have been distracted from their true tasks of helping elect Republicans.

To get elected, Republicans need everyone from all parties and unaffiliated voters. This “Big Tent” voter base includes TEA Party supporters, unaffiliated independent voters, Libertarians and Democrats.

The local GOP gets along with the local TEA Party. Even fiscally conservative Democrats understand the TEA Party. I remember a president who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your country.” My have things changed (and not for the better!)

 The TEA Party spends time educating the public. Offering ‘meet and greets’ with candidates, elected officials, authors and movie directors. The TEA Party does not get involved in local Republican Party organization. It certainly does not disrupt meetings.

When Democrats attack the TEA Party Republicans, they are showing fear of the TEA Party. They want to reduce the influence of a growing movement. They want to win elections — but they are not speaking the “truth.” So listen carefully to the complaints about the TEA Party. It may be coming from Democrats.

Watch what the TEA Party “does”… understand why they are doing it. Think about the big issues. Do not listen to the gossip of fear.

The TEA Party is open to all conservative-minded people. If the TEA Party wants to vote Republican, then the GOP should embrace them. Along with anyone else that wants to vote Republican.

Al Goodis


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