State lawmakers are shifting tax burden

To the Editor:

Actions speak louder than words. North Carolina residents need to pay attention. The loud, false, words of the Republican legislators in Raleigh attempt to drown out the truth. Republicans claim to be the party of less big government and more local control. Their actions tell a different story. The Republican dominated legislative seized power from local governments to regulate environmental issues. Now, local municipalities’ environmental ordinances are void. State law dominates.

Big government in Raleigh attempted to take over both the Asheville water system and the Charlotte airport. Who benefits if the state takes over locally controlled facilities? Republicans would turn these facilities over to private corporate ownership to be run for a profit. In truth, residents would pay more for these services. The Republican led legislature has repealed the franchise tax. This profits corporations and big businesses that support legislators’ election campaigns. The loss of this revenue, and other state tax dollars, is forcing local municipalities to increase local taxes, cut local services and funding for public schools.

Who benefits from big government’s power grab? Not local municipalities and North Carolina citizens. Our Republican-dominated state government serves for the benefit of private corporations and big businesses. Gas companies will make millions from fracking North Carolina as a result of a new state law. State Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin, supports fracking, claiming it will create jobs, benefitting the economy without harming the environment. In truth few local jobs would be created. Gas companies employ their own trained people and move them from job to job. Gas removed from North Carolina will not benefit our state. 

Have you noticed prices for movies, live performances, shows, guided tours, etc., have increased? Beginning Jan. 1, the state imposed a 4.75 percent “privilege” tax on most entertainment activities. Are you pleased to know Raleigh has reduced taxes on the purchase of corporate yachts and private jets?

State government is shifting the tax burden to North Carolina’s citizens while creating greater profits for corporations and big businesses. Republicans claim that providing added profit incentives will lure business to North Carolina and create jobs. What corporations would be attracted to our state where public education ranks near the bottom and North Carolina’s beautiful treasured environment is endangered?

Margery Abel


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