Mainstream networks too liberal

To the Editor:

I must agree with Carole Larivee’s letter last week. Everywhere you go people are watching Fox News! Why? What would prompt more Americans to watch Fox News than all the other networks?

Could it be because for decades all we had were the “mainstream media” networks which helped create the evil, corrupt, freedom-taking, unborn-baby-killing, education-destroying, ambition- and competition-smashing, hard-working-people’s-income-redistributing, antichristian, rotten to the core government that a lot of us, in addition to Fox News, want to change. Thank God for Rupert Murdoch (and Australia).

Carole is correct, our nation is divided and was divided before Fox News. I could fill the next 10 pages with the tragic history of the evils and failures of the socialist type government developing in our country at this time. Along with Rupert Murdoch, there are millions of us who hate it and will fight it at the polls and with the constitutional rights we have remaining, while others watch the Weather Channel as their remaining rights are taken from them.

Paul Boone

Maggie Valley

This Must Be the Place

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