Waynesville Armory launches Brain Gym for seniors

For Waynesville seniors, the old armory recreation center now offers exercise for more than just the body.

The new Brain Gym system, installed thanks to a grant garnered by Haywood Community Connections, will help offer a place for the town’s seniors to work out their minds and bodies, as well as enrich their social lives and improve nutrition.

Parks and Recreation Director Rhett Langston said that the system would be the key feature in transforming the armory into a center for seniors. The program would offer them a place to go, socialize and play games like Wii bowling and tennis on two large flat screens and download mental-agility games on the room’s seven computers.

“Within the next few weeks we hope to be up and running,” said Langston. “This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with other organizations in Haywood County to provide opportunities for our seniors.”

The computers and Wii gaming consoles are up and ready, said Langston, and the only hold-up now is getting the flat screens in place.

Though the specific hours aren’t yet nailed down, Langston said that there would be a staff member on hand to help seniors learn the systems, download games to the computers and get the most out of the new features.

In the evening, the building will continue to be a multi-use facility.

— By Colby Dunn

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