Pisgah chorus features country show

Chorus students at Pisgah High School are gearing up for the annual country show called “Where the Green Grass Grows.”

The show will feature group and solo acts from the elite show choir Orion and spring semester chorus classes. A live band will accompany soloists. Kendra Medford, Pisgah’s chorus teacher, looks forward to the show each year because she believes it gives students a chance to shine outside of sports and academia. “Even though country music doesn’t seem like an art form sometimes this is the only form of art some kids can be involved in,” she said.

The country show will take place at 6 p.m. each night Thursday, March 31 to Saturday, April 2 at the Pisgah auditorium. Tickets are $6 and can be purchased by calling the school, at Elite Hair and Nail Salon in Waynesville or at the door of the show. Proceeds help students pay for a choral trip to Disney World in May.

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