Bascom presents August workshops

In August, educational programs continue in Highlands with three diverse artists-in-residence workshops.

• Lewis Knauss, “Fiber and Handmade Paper into Sculpture,” Aug. 10 to 14.

Combining ceramic and fiber, this workshop will guide students through five days of sheer enjoyment combining off-loom techniques with Eastern papermaking to create a lightweight sculpture. His works, which reference landscape and a sense of place, will engage each student in a memorable experience. Tuition is $475 Bascom members/ $500 non-members (most materials included).

• Mira Lehr, “Painting and Layering,” August 24 to 28.

While combining Japanese paper and collage with painting, take risks and experience new levels of creativity and expression with this workshop. Described as a visual poet, Lehr teaches students to search, analyze and develop their own vision. Tuition is $500 Bascom members/$525 non-members.

• Tom Turner, “Attention to Detail”, August 27 to 28.

This workshop is an exposé of Turner’s approach to throwing, decorating and finishing porcelain pottery. His approach is graceful and inviting, alluring and complex. Tuition is $200 Bascom members/ $225 non-members.

Turner’s and Lehr’s works will be featured in The Bascom’s “Fire and Heat by Three” exhibition, which opens Sept. 11 in the loft gallery.

The public is invited to meet with all three artists-in-residence. Lewis Knauss on Aug. 10, Mira Lehr on Aug. 24 and Tom Turner on Aug. 27. Enjoy demonstrations and learn what motivates and inspires them. All artist talks, which are free to the public, begin at 5 p.m. and are preceded by a public reception at 4:30 p.m.

The Art Academy, classes for non-artist, beginners and continuing students, begins Summer Session III on Aug. 2. Courses will be offered in Outdoor Drawing, Life Drawing, Interactive Art Appreciation, Painting: Oil or Acrylic, Watercolor Basics: Design, Pastels: Studies in the Landscape and/or Botanical Watercolor. Four classes per course. $120 Bascom members/ $125 non-members.

Registration required. 828.526.4949 or visit

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