Who’s running in town races so far

Candidates who want to run in town elections have until at 12 p.m. on Friday, July 15, to sign up, except in Franklin and Highlands where filing won’t begin until July 25.

As of press time Tuesday, here’s who had signed up to run:



J. Wells Greeley, Gary Caldwell and Leroy Roberson, all sitting aldermen, will run. Alderwoman Libba Feichter is not running again. No new challengers have entered the race yet. Gavin Brown is currently unopposed for mayor.



Current aldermen Jimmy Flynn, Kenneth Holland and Ed Underwood are running. Stanley Metcalf, Patrick Willis, Cecil Patton and Phil Smathers have also filed. No one is yet running for mayor.


Maggie Valley

Alderman Phil Aldridge is running for re-election, joined by Phillip Wight. Alderwoman Danya Vanhook is up for election but has not yet filed. Alderwoman Saralyn Price is running for mayor, along with challenger Ron DeSimone. Current Mayor Roger McElroy is not yet running.



Ray Lewis, Chris Matheson and Harold Hensley have filed for re-election, along with challenger John Bubacz.


Forest Hills

Only Alan Begley has registered to run for mayor.

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