Second election primary results

Mark Meadows won the second primary on July 17 by a sweeping majority.

The conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Congress garnered 76.3 percent of the vote Tuesday.

Meadows beat out fellow Republican Vance Patterson for a chance to compete against Blue Dog Democrat Hayden Rogers for the 11th District Congressional seat.

I congratulate Mr. Meadows on his victory. However, there is a profound difference between who we are; our background, leadership ability, and vision for Western North Carolina and this great nation,” Rogers said in a statement.

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-Waynesville) currently holds the seat but will retire from politics at the end of this term.

Voter turnout for the unsurprisingly low during the second primary, with less than 10 percent of district’s voters, or 22,835 people, making it to the polls.


Second primary results

Commissioner of Labor

John C. Brooks (D) - 54.15%

Marlowe Foster (D) - 45.85%

U.S. House of Representatives District 11

Mark Meadows (R) - 76.32%

Vance Patterson (R) - 23.68%

Lieutenant Governor

Dan Forest (R) – 67.98%

Tony Gurley (R) – 32.11%

Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey (R) – 57.39%

Richard Morgan (R) – 42.61%

Secretary of State

Ed Goodwin (R) – 54.48%

Kenn Gardner (R) – 45.52%

Superintendent of Public Instruction

John Tedesco (R) – 54.42%

Richard Alexander (R) – 45.58%

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