Haywood youngsters get lesson on trash

The Commission for a Clean County debuted its new project called KEEP IT CLEAN! at Riverbend Elementary School in Haywood County last week.

The “Litter Troll,” dressed in white with a mop on her head and litter pinned all over her clothing, rode into the classroom in her midget car and entertained the entire first grade by throwing litter debris all over the room. When invited to help pick up the debris, the students rushed to do so and to deposit it in a large container. Many of them even knew the difference between “garbage” and “recyclables.”

The troll will be making rounds to more of the county’s elementary schools over the next few weeks.

“These assemblies are a great opportunity for students, even very young ones, to realize the role they play in keeping our county and the overall environment clean and productive,” said Ron Moss, Elementary Supervisor for Haywood County Schools. “Environmental education, such as programs taught by The Commission For a Clean County, serves a vital objective in teaching students the importance of being responsible stewards of nature.”

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