Symposium on carnivorous plants

out carnivoreplantsCarnivorous plants will be highlighted at the annual Native Plant Symposium at the Highlands Botanical Garden Sept. 13-15.

Darwin Thomas will conduct a workshop on how to make bog dish gardens, where participants will take home their own bog garden dish, and Dr. Larry Mellichamp from UNC-Charlotte Botanical Garden will give a talk on “Carnivorous Plants and the Myth of the Man-eating Plant.”

North Carolina has more diversity of carnivorous plants than anywhere in the world.

Mellichamp will discuss the various carnivorous plants, especially those growing in the Highlands area, and how they function and interact in their specialized environments. Darwin will show participants how to create a successful home bog garden, and workshop participants will take home their own bog garden dish that they create.

The Native Plant Symposium also features garden tours, lectures, field trips and workshops, a plant auction, dinner and wine, and all proceeds go to the Highlands Botanical Garden. $75 for members and $125 for non-members. To register call 828.526.2221 or visit

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