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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 17:37

Candidates weigh in

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Donnie Dixon: “I can’t rightfully say he’s done a bad job. It could reflect the commissioners’ doings...I have nothing against the man. I’m not going to point a finger.”

Janice Inabinett said the county must rely on an evaluation system to make sure county employees know what their expectations are.

Judy Miller: “I think that he’s doing a good job, that he’s in a difficult situation and we need to work together to deal with a lot of issues at this point.”

David Monteith said King has been doing an “OK job” with what he’s had to work with, adding that there’s always room for improvement.

Steve Moon: “You can’t please all the people all the time – I’m sure Kevin had ruffled some feathers along the way. If you do your job, you will.”

Raymond Nelson had no comment on Kevin King’s job as county manager.

Robert White said he’s heard more positive comments than criticisms of Kevin King.

Billy Woodard: “I heard he runs the county as he wants to, but I don’t know that because I’m not in there.”

Tommy Woodard: “Most of the time, in the heat of emotion, I’ve had several people say that Kevin King was one of the first people that needed to be fired...It is not any part of my plan to clean house...I’ve been given several different reasons why people think he should go. I’m still in the process of educating myself on everything.”



John Herrin: “I’m not sure that Mr. King devotes 100 percent, but he’s the manager of a clown show, so he’s doing the best he can...The county manager is a direct reflection of the board of the commissioners. If the county manager is doing a poor job, then the county commissioners are doing a poor job.”

James King said Kevin King is his cousin, and that he should keep his job as long as he fulfills expectations. “I feel like the five commissioners should be running the county and not the county manager.”

Andy Parris: “As a person, I like him. His reputation is horrible. Can I actually point to any specific thing that he’s done? No. He only has the authority that people place in his hands. Any gripe anybody has with them could easily be alleviated by other people stepping up to do their jobs.”

Jerry Shook: “I think as a county manager, he has done a real good job. He tries to stay educated and updated on things.”

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