Some want to lead by using fear

To the Editor:

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no conspiracy or that conspirators are not busily at work here in our “exceptional” country full of “superior” people.

It’s not written anywhere. There’s no agenda to read or way to order your very own printed copy. You won’t find it on a site like Google, where you can select from an assortment of opinions written by various authors (many offer valid research based on facts but, sadly, others promote flawed opinion).

But yes, there is definitely a conspiracy out there working against you and me. It’s organized by those multi-billionaires often called plutocrats or oligarchs. It’s advanced by well-paid minions and media shills, leaders and members of groups like ALEC. Most names are readily available and have been publically reported. They’ve spent billions on past elections to influence your thinking so you’ll slavishly allow them to control you, your children, and the future of our country.

They want you to support a return to prior administration policies of unpaid-for wars instigated for maximum profit by the military-industrial complex. They work to allow Wall Street’s multiple ventures to gamble with America’s capital, and they advocate that health care be in the control of insurance and medical corporatists, while they promote hate and fill you with fear.

These manipulators are counting on your reality show attention span in the hope you won’t notice they’re the creators of our so-called fiscal problems. They encourage you to fantasize a return to the heyday of growth following WWII when European manufacturing was obliterated and we filled that gap. They want you to believe their silly stories until the inevitable day when the country comes to halt, is unsustainable, has another war, and all benefits flow only upward. Trickle down? Not here.

They’re plying you with fear! They advocate that you arm yourself because some unspecified others are coming. They say religion and the U.S. Constitution are in danger. They tell you that all government involvement in public benefits like education, police, fire, emergency workers, water resources, roads, farms, prisons, immigration or all similar entities, not forgetting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, must be privatized. By whom? Who benefits?  

There’ll be no outside conspiracy. Mega-corporatist greed will cause the ultimate downfall of the U.S.A. The aim of constant hate and fear messages will be their tool of control, cause dissent and turn us against each other — “divide and conquer.”

Don’t allow control or support to these takers who mask themselves as caring patriots and-or Christians. While telling you they advocate freedom and small government without any regulations, their ulterior motives will necessarily impose huge governance. Theirs! Freedom? Also theirs!

Observe the real conspirators whose only goal is to gain even more wealth without investing in anything, without contributing to the national coffers, and without producing any real benefit to the U.S., or us. Conspiracy? You can count on it.  

And, by the way, it is not sponsored by the U.N.

Shirl Ches


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