Activities for anglers

Help stock the Pigeon

Fish fans are invited to help the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and Trout Unlimited Cataloochee chapter stock the West Fork of the Pigeon River, 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 7. 

Volunteers are invited to bring a clean 5-gallon bucket, trash bags and friends to help stock around 1,500 pounds of fish. Waders are also recommended. The job will take about three hours to complete, with at least 25 volunteers needed. 

It’s the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s responsibility to stock the river, but having a volunteer force to help allows the fish to be dispersed more evenly along the river, resulting in a more enjoyable fishing experience.

The group will meet at a parking lot that’s past Lake Logan and before Sunburst Campground off of N.C. 215, across from the shooting range. Volunteers are encouraged to bring a rod for fishing afterward.

Ron Gaddy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Whirling disease found in Tennessee

Whirling disease has been discovered in the South Holston and Watauga tailwaters of Tennessee, the disease’s first known occurrence in the state. 

A condition caused by a non-native microscopic parasite, whirling disease affects fish in the trout and salmon family, damaging the fish’s cartilage and skeletal tissue to cause deformities in the head and spine. Affected fish can develop a black tail or display erratic tail-chasing behavior, hence the name. While the parasite might not kill fish directly, it hinders their ability to swim, eat and escape from predators. 

Whirling disease was first seen in North Carolina in July 2015, when scientists found it on rainbow trout in the Watauga River near Foscoe. 


Get the scoop on bass fishing

Learn how to catch striped bass and spotted bass on the Etowah River of Georgia during a presentation offered at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 6, at the United Community Bank in Sylva. 

Angler Garner Reid will deliver the presentation following a dinner and raffle for a locally handcrafted fly rod. 

$5 for dinner. Program offered in conjunction with the Tuckasegee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s regular monthly meeting. 

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