Recommended diversions

Battlestar Galactica

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a Battlestar fanatic. A few weekends ago, my wife and I glued ourselves to the couch and watched about 10 hours of episodes from the first and second seasons. We’re almost caught up to the most recent episodes. The sci-fi series that ran back in the late-‘70s and starred Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict has been upgraded with new characters, a complex storyline, and unobtrusive special effects. In a galaxy far, far away, 40,000-plus refuges are all that’s left of the human race after a nuclear attack by robotic Cylons. But is the human race worth saving? Fighter pilots, soldiers, civilians and the fleet’s leaders struggle to overcome political and social differences while defending against the constant threat of Cylon attacks and Cylon infiltration (for some of these robots now look like humans). As with Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s a whole vocabulary that goes along with the show — knuckledraggers (deck crew), dradis (radar), cubits (currency) and frak (everybody’s favorite curse word). There are no easily defined good guys and bad guys here, and they are constantly being forced to make difficult decisions. Their hope is to find a faraway planet called Earth. I just love being along for the ride.


If you enjoy playing sports and don’t want to succumb to those eventual aches and pains that come with age, I strongly suggest signing up for a yoga class. This winter, I’ve been taking a class in Waynesville, and the stretches and meditation have not only given me more focus and better flexibility. I know now that consistent stretching before and after workouts will keep me healthy and injury-free for years to come. Try to let go of that yoga image of super-limber human pretzels twisting into abnormal positions. Think of yoga as a natural way to reduce stress and maintain balance. Find out for yourself.

ACC Tournament

It’s almost here. The early March Madness squeezed into four days. The legendary match-ups. The game-winning shots. The heartaches and the fist-pumping triumphs. The pride and glory of college basketball’s most celebrated conference will be up for grabs once again March 8-11 in Tampa, Fla. Each year, no matter where I happen to be, I make sure I’m near a TV or radio to savor the games I have come to love more and more since growing up a Carolina fan on Tobacco Road. Back in elementary school, I remember my teacher would stop class after lunch. She’d roll in the TV, and we’d all watch the games until school was over. No child was left behind the non-stop action of rim-rattling dunks and sweet-arching jumpshots. We’d hurry home to catch the rest of the games that evening. My Heels are among the favorites to win this season, and it’s been a few years since Carolina Blue took home the crown (1998). But whoever your favorite team happens to be, enjoy the games with fellow ACC fans.

— By Michael Beadle

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