Keith Presnell

1. What specific legislation or policies are at the top of your list?

Jobs, to make sure we have infrastructure in place to bring new jobs into our communities.

2. What are three of the most pressing issues facing the people of your district, and how can the state legislature deal with them?

Jobs, as stated above. Second, to draw up legislation dealing with meth lab cleanup, and strengthen laws on meth labs. Three, to take the medicaid burden off the local government.

3. Should the legislature help seniors with property taxes by adjusting the homestead exemption on their homes?


4. What is your position on lobbyist and campaign reform?

I voted for lobbyist reform and sponsored a bill to tighten more campaign reform. We can prohibit lobbyists from soliciting campaign contributions.

5. Do you support more extensive state action to help with farmland preservation? If so, what specific measures should be enacted?

.Yes, We could give tax breaks to keep small farms and large acreage in the hands of the farmer. And we can amend the NC Constitution to protect private property from being taken for economic development.

6. What is the most pressing educational need in the state?

We should use national tests to evaluate students performance and remove violent and disrespectful students from classrooms and empower teachers to deal with problem students and strengthen vocational education.

7. What can the state afford to do to help counties with increasing Medicaid costs?

Increase the availability and affordability of healthcare and healthcare insurance.

8. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A small businessman.

9. What is your favorite television show?

The O’Reilly Factor

10. Describe your philosophy of government in 100 words.

I realize that the people are the government. We as Legislators are there to be a voice for the people and to serve them. We need to prioritize spending, eliminate waste, and make government more efficient be requiring a zero based budget. And by establishing a taxpayer protection act for North Carolinians. and ending the raids from the highway trust fund. By lowering taxes and making sure North Carolinians keep more of their money to invest and do business.

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