Democratic whining ignores progress

To the Editor:

Some parts of Western North Carolina are loaded with socialist agenda people, especially in Asheville and Cullowhee. 

They must envy the great progress the country of Russia has made. Is not Sochi a shining example of how this socialist country can stage the 2014 Games of the Winter Olympics? Never before has the world seen anything like it! I am sure the millions of people who attend will rave about it for years to come.

However, I am sad to say that in your Feb. 5 issue, several people where whining about what a terrible state North Carolina has become since Gov. Pat McCrory became governor. 

You should get the Rev. Barber to come back to Asheville to lead another protest against Gov. McCrory. Maybe he can persuade Gov. Beverly Perdue to run for re-election so she could get the state’s unemployment rate back up to 9.8 percent, where it was when she left the governor’s mansion in 2012. 

Obviously many people in our state are not unhappy with a high unemployment rate as long as the governor is a Democrat!

Jim Mueller


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