Haywood GOP is out of control

To the Editor:

Wow, I’ve seen a lot of small-town politics in this area but the Haywood County Republicans are out of control. A bully stands up and takes over an official meeting. What was he thinking? Who does he think he is? A bully for sure and maybe a wanna-be dictator?  

These fanatics might think they are getting their way, but they’ll soon find out voters are a lot smarter than them. They are only hurting their cause. There’s a right and wrong way to get your point across, and that wasn’t it.

I’m just in shock that this kind of thing could happen in this modern world. Do they expect to run the government this way? Do they want laws made without the press or other parties involved? God help us all if they really think that’s the way it should be done.  

The people of Haywood County need to stand up to this guy and his followers before the state or even federal Republican Party has to take control and embarrass the county even more. 

Chuck Harrell


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