2014 Primary Election results

The primary election was held Tuesday, May 6, in counties throughout North Carolina. Here are the results from the local races in our coverage area of Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties.



NC Senate, District 50

The winner of this Democratic primary faces N.C. Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin, in the fall’s general election. The seat represents the seven western counties, including Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain

Total District

Jane Hipps: 9,344, 70.21 percent

Ron Robinson: 3,964, 29.79 percent

Votes by county


Jane Hipps: 3,044 votes, 85 percent

Ron Robinson: 522 votes, 15 percent


Jane Hipps: 2,139 votes, 64 percent

Ron Robinson: 1,210 votes, 36 percent


Jane Hipps: 1,075 votes, 69 percent

Ron Robinson: 473 votes, 31 percent


Jane Hipps: 1,023 votes, 58 percent

Ron Robinson: 730 votes, 42 percent


NC House, District 119

The winner of this Republican primary will go up against N.C. Rep. Joe Sam Queen, D-Waynesville, in the general election. The seat represents Jackson and Swain counties, and part of Haywood (namely the greater Waynesville and Lake Junaluska areas.)

District Total:

Mike Clampitt: 1,482 votes, 62.88 percent

Aaron Littlefield: 449 votes, 19.05 percent

Dodie Allen: 426 votes, 18.07 percent

Votes by county


Mike Clampitt: 437 votes, 63 percent

Aaron Littlefield: 171 votes, 24.5 percent

Dodie Allen: 87 votes, 12.5 percent


Mike Clampitt: 705 votes, 59 percent

Dodie Allen: 278 votes, 23 percent

Aaron Littlefield: 209 votes, 18 percent


Mike Clampitt: 333 votes, 73 percent

Aaron Littlefield: 65 votes, 14 percent

Dodie Allen: 58 votes, 13 percent


Haywood County Commissioners

With three of the five seats on this county board up for election, three candidates in this Democratic primary will advance face two Republicans and one Libertarian in November’s general. The three incumbents easily swept the field.

Michael Sorrells (I): 2,599 votes

Kirk Kirkpatrick (I): 2,593 votes

Bill Upton (I): 2,555 votes

Kyle Edwards: 1,195 votes

Bob McClure: 1,120 votes


Jackson County Sheriff

With nine candidates vying for this office, one from each primary — a Democrat and Republican — will advance to face off in November.


Chip Hall: 1,545 votes, 42 percent

Steve Lillard: 1,251votes, 34 percent

Doug Farmer: 393 votes, 11 percent

Robin Gunnells: 357 votes, 10 percent

Glen Biller: 85 votes, 2 percent

Michael Gosnell: 12 votes, 1 percent


Curtis Lambert: 411 votes, 36 percent

Jimmy Hodgins: 370 votes, 32 percent

Mary Alice Rock: 368 votes, 32 percent


Macon County Commissioners

While three seats are up on the board this year, only the Highlands seat features a Republican primary, with the winner advancing to face Democrat Michael David Rogers in November.

Jim Tate (I): 1,181 votes, 62 percent

John Shearl: 733 vote, 38 percent


Macon County Sheriff

With no Democratic challengers in the fall, the winner of this Republican primary takes the race.

Robbie Holland (I): 1,634 votes, 84 percent

Bryan Carpenter: 316 votes, 16 percent


Swain County Commissioners

With all five seats up this year, the Democratic primary will see four commissioner candidates and one chairman candidate advance to join two Republican candidates on the November ballot.

Commissioner Candidates

Correna Elders Barker: 484 votes, 7.32 percent

Danny Burns: 1,139 votes, 16.22 percent

Ben Bushyhead: 1,217 votes, 17.33 percent

Vida Cody: 722 votes, 10.28 percent

Donnie Dixon, incumbent: 713 votes, 10.15 percent

David Monteith, incumbent: 775 votes, 11.04 percent

Steve Moon, incumbent: 745 votes, 10.61 

Thomas Ray Simonds: 514 votes, 7.32 percent

Robert White, incumbent: 713 votes, 10.15 percent

Chairman Candidates

Phil Carson: 1,157 votes, 61 percent

Boyd Gunter: 725 votes, 39 percent


Swain County Sheriff

The winner of this Democratic primary advances to face incumbent Sheriff Curtis Cochran and unaffiliated challenger Odell Chastain in November’s general election.

Chuck McMahan: 1,034 votes, 53 percent

George Powell: 293 votes, 15 percent

Larry Roland: 157 votes, 8 percent

Rocky Sampson: 461 votes, 24 percent


Swain County Clerk of Court

With no November challenger, this race is decided with the Democratic primary.

Hester Sitton, incumbent: 1,228 votes, 59 percent

Opal Barker: 854 votes, 41 percent


Voter turnout


Total registered voters: 42,022

Primary voters: 5,227

Turnout: 12.5 percent


Total registered voters: 26,363

Primary voters: 4,310

Turnout: 16 percent


Total registered voters: 24,980

Primary voters: 5,005

Turnout: 20 percent


Total registered voters: 10,458

Primary voters: 2,611

Turnout: 25 percent

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