Local NAACP chapters elect officers

Both the Haywood and Jackson county chapters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have elected officers. 

Haywood’s NAACP chapter elected officers in March. Chuck Dickson, a local attorney, was elected as president. The chapter also elected three vice presidents: Rev. William Staley, Rev. Reginald Eldridge and Phillip Gibbs. Rev. Walter Bryson will serve as treasurer, with John Vanderstar serving as assistant treasurer. The group elected Mary McGlauflin as secretary and Katherine Bartel as assistant secretary. The Haywood executive committee is comprised of Lin Forney, Mary Elizabeth Staiger, and Gail Mull. 

The Jackson Chapter elected its officers during a May 17 event at Liberty Baptist Church in Sylva. The Reverend Charles Lee, who serves at Liberty Baptist, was elected as president of the recently formed branch. Avram Friedman was elected first vice president, Enrique Gomez was elected second vice president, Mary Sue Casey was elected secretary, Joyce Stratton was elected treasurer, Marion Pryce-White was elected assistant secretary and Lorna Barnett was elected as assistant treasurer. Curtis Wood, Tracy Fitzmaurice, Stanley Rogers, Stella Moore, Lucy Christopher, Myrtle Schrader, Marie Cochran and Gene Keldon Austin were all elected to the executive committee.

Both chapters plan to continue being active participants in the Moral Mondays demonstrations aimed at legislative actions in Raleigh, as well as working locally to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of all persons.

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