Recommended diversions


The world’s been in need of a good Woody Allen film and this murder-mystery/comedy fabulously fills the void. As the magician “Splendini” Allen is a hoot, essentially playing himself with a few card tricks up his sleeves.

The typically stunning Scarlett Johansson finds her inner nerd in portraying the college newswriter with a questionable lead for a story. And Hugh Jackman is the rich son of a high-ranking politician carrying all the trimmings and trappings of such a lifestyle. It’s good clean fun (never mind the off-color jokes) and best seen with a crowd.

The Shady Ladies

The Haywood County Arts Council’s Gallery 86 will host an exhibit of works by local quilting group The Shady Ladies Aug. 30 through Sept. 16. The exhibit will include 33 quilts made for the group’s annual show held at Lake Logan earlier this year. The quilts represent this year’s challenge “Seeing Orange,” in which quilters had to incorporate the color into their quilts. The results, quite simply are amazing. These aren’t ordinary quilts, they’re works of art. The stitching is meticulous and creative, the patterns anything but traditional. No prior interest in quilts is required to enjoy this show.

Kinky Friedman, Texas Hold Em

“He Ain’t Kinky, He’s My Governor,” is this author come politician’s campaign slogan. Sure is catchy. So is his novel about the launch of his campaign and various other short stories. Of course Kinky covers all things relevant to winning a political battle — where you stand on pick up trucks, gun racks, aggressive driving, marriage, the Jewish faith, and Lone Star State history. I’m only halfway through at the moment — it’s one of those easy reads best taken in about two chapters at a time right before bed — but I’ve already learned that Texas is best left alone.

HART’s “Sly Fox”

Took in Haywood Arts Regional Theater’s production of “Sly Fox” this past Saturday and have to give a nod to the cast and crew for a most excellent comedy. Particular kudos go to Preston Tinsley, who as Jethro Crouch has some of the play’s best lines. Note that “Sly Fox” isn’t for the easily offended — three audience members walked out Saturday night during a scene in which a woman’s virtue is threatened — however, anyone who takes life with a grain of salt should enjoy the show. “Sly Fox” runs through Aug. 27.

— By Sarah Kucharski

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