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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 13:07

Giving voters advice and attacking Sen. Davis

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To the Editor:

Most letters to the editor are benign or overly active, but the one in the July 2 edition of The Smoky Mountain News (“Let’s stop yellow journalism politics,” July 2, 2014, The Smoky Mountain News, was an aberration. It began with how civic, noble-minded and considerate the writer is and how cavalier/gentile he always was with other politicians. The writer thought of government as a wonderful pursuit of the highest ethics. 

However, recently he quit the field and things have deteriorated and he can advise the voters of the 50th Senatorial District.

My friend advises that outside money is bad but doesn’t say what outside money is: is it from Buncombe County, from Charlotte or  from anywhere outside the 50th District?

He doesn’t say if he is a Democrat or something else. I wonder why? Does this revelation offend his pristine sense of political discourse? Did Jane Hipps, who is running against Sen. Davis, R-Franklin, appoint him to challenge her enemies? 

And about those so-called 167 items on which taxes were allegedly raised? I’d like to have the statutes that were enacted to approve these taxes. Surely he has them.

He seems to know a lot about Ms. Hipps. Was he the student or the teacher with his vast knowledge of civics? In conclusion, I hope my friend will continue to educate us with examples, tragedies, aspirations and vitriol. The mix is volatile and stimulating.

K.G. Watson

Maggie Valley

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