Cutting taxes not always the best way to lead

To the Editor:

A candidate for the county commission wants to cut your taxes. That is the basis for his whole campaign. He will save you money. It is an excellent bumper sticker and campaign slogan. For Tea Party types, that is all they need to know, he has their vote.

But what does that slogan really mean for Macon County? By any estimate we already have the lowest ad-valorem  property tax rate of the 100 counties in North Carolina. Does that mean that if elected he would cut school funding, the county sheriff, ball parks, medical services or any of the other many services that make this county a wonderful place to live. Of course none of that matters; the only important goal is to pay as little tax as possible because it is my money.

True conservatives would look at the county balance sheet and think what is good for the county and the people in it. They would see a new dialysis center as a way to preserve the lives of local residents. They would see aid to local schools as a way to maintain our local values. They would see road improvements as a way to help local business. They would see money spent on local social services as a way to keep local families together and protect our children. In other words, they would see past their personal bank accounts to become part of the community that they want to preserve.

We live on one of the best counties in one of the best states in this wonderful country. Anyone who threatens that will not have my vote.

Louise Vitale


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