Internships for Smokies fans

out smokiesinternsFive summer internship positions are available for undergraduates looking to get involved with Discover Life in America’s mission to learn as much as possible about the species inhabiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park through the Mary Raoul Fitzpatrick Photography and Natural Science Internship.

• The biology intern will help scientists with fieldwork and help maintain the taxonomic database.

• The photography intern will take lots of pictures park flora and fauna, document events and organize image galleries.

• The education intern will help with DLIA educational activities while also participating in activities to enhance his own species knowledge. 

• The public relations and media intern will raise awareness and generate goodwill toward DLIA. 

• The videography intern will support DLIA activities where recording is needed. The intern will also set up and maintain DLIA video storage, and perform other non-video duties as assigned.

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