What HB2 is really about — exerting power

To the Editor:

The motivation for HB2 has nothing to do with bathroom safety. The motivation was to slap down a local government that tried to assert itself. HB2 was a warning to all local governments that they have no power and need to abide by the General Assembly’s desires. It was also an opportunity to further oppress the citizens of North Carolina on topics totally unrelated to bathrooms.

If HB2 was about bathrooms, then why does a provision in the law limit minimum wages that local governments might require of contractors? What do minimum wage requirements have to do with sex and bathrooms?

Another provision of HB2 is that you cannot sue for age, race, or other discrimination in state court. Instead you would have to go to federal courts with greater expenses if you experience discrimination on the basis of anything not related to gender. What has not being able to use the North Carolina courts to do with bathrooms?

The answer is that the Republicans are trying to play North Carolinians for fools. They want people to talk about bathrooms and transgender people instead of the fact that our taxes and fees have gone up. The Republicans have raised DMV fees an average of 30 percent in 2016. This translates into $150,000,000 more that we will have to pay for registering our vehicles and other fees. Keep us talking about LBGT issues and maybe we will not notice that we are paying for the tax cuts given to the wealthy.

The same tactic was used with the infamous North Carolina Constitutional Amendment 1 on gay marriage. That got people all riled up on gay marriage so they would not notice that our education funding had been slashed. The Republicans use smoke and mirrors to claim they are funding education, but the fact is that every school district has had to lay off teachers, teacher’s aids, and other school personnel because they have less money to work with.

The motivation for HB2 is not bathrooms. It is a diversion and misdirection so we don’t talk about the real issues facing North Carolinians. We are paying more taxes so the rich can pay less. Our children are being shortchanged by reduced education funding. Our economy is the casualty of HB2. The Republicans are all about exerting their power not governing for the people.

Norman G. Hoffmann


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