Vote for Rick Bryson in June 7 primary

To the Editor:   

Rick Bryson is running as a Democrat for the congressional seat currently held by Republican Mark Meadows. Rick is a native of Swain County who like many people had to move away from his beloved mountains years ago for employment. Upon retirement, Rick returned to Bryson City and became involved in the community serving as a town alderman among other things.  

Rick wants to bring about change in Congress to improve its current 7 percent approval rating by the American people. Rick has a plan to bring new industry to the mountains called WNC Generation Now. Rick has four daughters and is a firm believer in women’s rights, including equal pay for women. Rick believes in a stronger voice for our veterans and that we should have a voice in our government.  

Rick knows the mountain and Cherokee people and understands the needs here far better than his Republican opponent. He has worked hard to get his message out in the 11th Congressional District.  

Due to a court case and redistricting, there will be a special election on June 7 for members of Congress in our district. If you voted for Rick in the May 15 North Carolina Primary, you need to vote for him again on June 7.  

If you did not vote for Rick on May 15, you are encouraged to vote for him on June 7. We need a voice in Washington to speak for us and our needs, not someone who shut down the government several years ago costing our district an estimated $23 million in lost wages and tourism revenue and great inconvenience for many.  

Mary A. Herr


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