Town manager hiring pool narrows

haywoodThe Waynesville town board met Tuesday for a third stab at narrowing down their pool of applicants for the town manager position.

To help with the monumental hiring process, the town board engaged the services of Developmental Associates consulting firm for a fee of $14,000.

The town initially got 42 applicants for the town manager role. The consulting firm took the first whack at winnowing the list. They came up with 19 contenders after scoring and ranking their applications. The town board eliminated another eight to come up with 11 semi-finalists. Another two were eliminated in preliminary interviews.

That leaves nine that the town board planned to sort through this week to arrive at five to seven finalists.

“Those people would actually come to Waynesville for a full-blown assessment,” Alderman Jon Fecither said.

The assessment will include interviews and role-playing scenarios by a panel of judges comprised of community members, local government experts and town staff.

The previous town manager was fired four years into the job following a shift in the town board’s composition in last fall’s election.


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