Yes, there are some bikers for Clinton

To the Editor:

I am a female motorcyclist who actually rides my motorcycle across the country, not one who hauls it around, and I support Hillary Clinton for President. Since January of this year, I have ridden to 42 of the 50 states. I have met people who actually ride and are supporters of Hillary. We, motorcyclists, are a mixed cross section of the country, and I know many do support Trump, and a few who are Libertarian, but there are Hillary supporters in the biking community as well.

I have been riding my own motorcycle for 15 years, but was a passenger and around the biking community for 35 years before that. 

While Mr. Immerman has not met or seen any bikers who support Clinton, we do exist. 

Bridgett Britt Aguirre

Haywood County

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