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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 15:26

Mainstream media has lost its credibility

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To the Editor:

Nothing in a recent letter (“Please, just check the facts,” Dec. 14, The Smoky Mountain News) rings true, factual and correct or adds any genuine evidence to support the assertions made. 

I don’t know about alt-right (or alt-left) people since those are “politically correct” labels whose meanings constantly shift depending on who you are talking to or whether one political stripe or the other is more susceptible to online scams (my sense is that it is evenly distributed among the population). 

It used to be the case when we had three television network news shows, several radio news networks, hundreds of authentic newspapers and a number of high-quality weekly news magazines that most of them made profits, though not huge, for their respective parent companies. If they didn’t they went out of business. 

Of course, that was when readers/viewers/listeners trusted them and had a reason to trust them — because they reported the facts. Since what passes for an educational system no longer trains young men and women to actually think, why shouldn’t they be taken in by fake news, whether it be from the regime or some bipolar con man?

Speaking of con men, neither Jestin Coler or Paul Horner are reputable sources for citing financial figures as they both are paid liars and as such have no credibility.

Just two fairly recent cases where the mainstream media (MSM) was caught with their fake news pants down are the Rolling Stone Magazine/University of Virginia false rape scandal and the Duke University men’s lacrosse team false rape scandal. Interestingly, in both incidents the msm relied upon single source information — always a bad thing whether it be in the news or intelligence businesses. Do an Internet search to check the authority and factuality of these two examples, unless you are just too lazy to do the work.

You can invariably tell a “letters-to-the-editor-charlatan.” They always lead with personal insults (ad hominem attacks), which are the safe space of someone who has no clue about what they’re talking about. Anger, the irrational road to false confidence, which leads directly to boorishness and disordered ideations, often follows closely thereafter.

And yes, the prime hideout from truth and reality for the forward comrades crowd is the false narrative; a fallaciously written script purposely made to twist the facts of a situation to the false meme that progressives are right and anyone who does not agree with them is wrong. These charlatans will always use non-existent facts and outright lies to construct the delusion du jour and you, gentle reader, can be assured that the meme will change, often constantly, as these charlatans are always exposed as they struggle irrationally and impotently to draw the intellectually wary into their nets.

Acquiring knowledge has always been a personal responsibility because despite the angry screechings of the kindergarten crowd, human nature does not change. Therefore, a close, skeptical reading of letters to the editor is essential to wending your way closer to the Truth. Merry Christmas.

Carl Iobst


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blog comments powered by Disqus