Cattle working equipment available for community use

New cattle working equipment will soon be available for community use in Swain and Jackson counties.

The Jackson and Swain County Cooperative Extension bought the equipment using Tennessee Valley Authority funds granted to the Southwestern Resources Conservation and Development Council. The aim is to help cattle producers improve their herd’s health, welfare and productivity — as well as beef quality and profitability — by providing equipment that would be difficult for a producer to purchase for his or her individual farm. 

The limit of equipment use is based on the job but may not exceed seven days. The only exception is the grazing fence kit, which can be used for a three-month period. Fees vary depending on the piece of equipment, ranging from $20 to $50. 

Available equipment includes a squeeze chute, corral system with trailer, calf table, palp/AI cage and amazing grazing kit. All equipment should be in by late January. Contact Robert Hawk to rent equipment. 828.586.4009 or 828.488.3848.

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