Please keep your dogs leashed

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in hopes that people walking their pets will be more considerate to people like me.  

I am talking about the owners who do not leash their dogs at Lake Junaluska and other public area parks here in town, even though many posted signs say that a leash is required at all times. 

Again yesterday I was walking my dogs back to our parked car when another vehicle pulls up right next to mine sees me across the way with my hands full, opens his door and let's his dog jump out with no leash. I loudly ask him to leash his dog, he and others with him rudely ignored me. I am disabled so I have to be very careful when out with my pets. 

My little male will be very protective when a strange dog appears to close by. Just because you think your dog will be friends with mine or obey your commands does not mean that me, my dogs or your dog cannot get hurt. I would much prefer to be able to walk my dogs near my home but we have a large free roaming Shepherd whom is allowed do as he pleases. Neither his owners or Animal Control will assist with this problem either. So after years of trying to make them enforce the law I have no choice but to go to the lake or college or recreation area.  

So please, if you want to let your dog free range, we have hundreds of miles of national parks and trails for you to do so.  Let us seniors be safe.

Mylan Sessions 


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