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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 17:03

Haywood Gleaners logs 30,000 pounds of produce donations

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Fifteen tons of food that would otherwise have gone to waste found their way to hungry mouths in 2016, thanks to volunteers with the Haywood Gleaners.

Despite extreme drought, 80 volunteers collected 30,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables over a series of 40 gleans. Produce collected included apples, beans, eggplants, blackberries, tomatoes, jalapenos, pumpkins and much more. Following the gleans, 350 deliveries were made to 37 recipient locations. 

Gleans are conducted on agricultural land after the farmer has completed the main harvest. Volunteers can then collect any produce remaining in the fields for distribution to those in need. 

Participating growers in 2016 were Christopher Farms, Don Moore, Mountain Research Station, Seasonal Produce Farm, Steve and Barb Effandano, Chambers Farm, Skipper Russell, Francis Cove Methodist Church, Nancy Shillinglaw, Boy Scout Troup #326, Philip Rhinehart and Haywood Farmers Markets. 

The Haywood Gleaners is a volunteer organization that operates under the Christian-based Society of St. Andrews. Volunteers are always welcome to help pick, deliver or perform a variety of other functions.

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