Sylva festival is a bad idea

To the Editor:

Thomas Jefferson once stated “I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple.” Yet, these wise words from our third U.S President are regularly ignored and despised by those on either end of the spectrum, and even ignored by officials in our own local government. 

Sure, the local government can promote policies that attract new business and sustain current ones, but should it be the role of the local government to promote the sale and consumption of alcohol? Our local Chamber of Commerce certainly believes so. The “Hook, Line, and Drinker” festival, which will be sponsored by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, is nothing more than an immoral and impractical way to spend Jackson County taxpayer dollars. 

In addition to this, the Chamber of Commerce has the audacity to label the event as “family friendly.” This seems very counter intuitive considering every fifth-grader in our county sits through an extensive drug and alcohol resistance program, funded by taxpayers as well. So, in a sense, Jackson County promotes resisting alcohol for those in adolescence to mid-twenties, but reverses its position and promotes its consumption later in life. Makes sense doesn’t it? The festival is likely another attempt to paint Sylva as an “alternative Asheville,” as well as an effort to smear the originality that is unique to our town and promote the social liberal agenda that is becoming far too familiar in many cities across America. I hope our county commissioners and leaders will have the courage to oppose this festival, as well as look for new leadership in the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. 

Colton L. Bailey


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