Timber harvest has started in Harmon Den

A 96-acre timber-harvesting project is underway in the Harmon Den area of the Pisgah National Forest, in Haywood County.

The goal of the project is to improve wildlife habitat, and while exposed soil, freshly cut stumps and logging slash will be visible immediately after harvesting, the area is expected to show a large increase in wildflowers, grasses and young trees within one or two growing seasons. All harvested areas will be reforested, with logging wrapping up by December 2018.

The project stems from the 2010 Harmon Den Project Decision Notice. It’s being done through a timber sale contract, with the U.S. Forest Service frequently inspecting the progress. 

A large portion of money paid for the timber stays in the project area, to be used for activities such as treating invasive weeds, improving the timber stand, wildlife habitat enhancement, road maintenance and water quality improvement. The most recent timber harvesting in the Harmon Den area was in 2006. 

Visitors should drive carefully, as logging trucks will be traveling Cold Springs Road, Brown Gap Road and Max Patch Road. 

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