Students fight stormwater pollution

Students from the Haywood Community Learning Center did their part to reduce stormwater runoff through a service project to mark storm drains along Brown Avenue in Hazelwood with the brightly colored message “Don’t Dump Drains to Pigeon River.”

Stormwater is the number one cause of pollution getting into rivers, streams and lakes — the stenciled messages help increase awareness of the problem, encouraging citizens to make the small changes that add up to big impact. 

“This is a great opportunity for students to learn about how we are connected to our waterways,” said Mark Ethridge, a science instructor at the Community Learning Center, “and how we, as citizens, can take action to help keep our water clean.”  

“This project was cool because all living things are connected to water,” added Anthony Fuqua, a junior at the Center.  

Citizens can help reduce stormwater pollution by keeping their cars tuned and leak-free, picking up animal waste, putting trash in trash cans and avoiding using fertilizer or pesticide right before a rain. 

The project was organized by the Haywood Waterways Association. 

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