Robert E. Lee deserves respect

To the Editor:

There was a man who was born at Stratford Hall, Virginia, and his boyhood home was in Alexandria, Virginia. He finished second in his graduating class at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He went on to be the only man in history to be sought after to be the commanding general of both sides of opposing armies in a bloody war.

There is a mansion he lived in that is a memorial to this man that stands guard over the graves of the heroes of The United States of America in Arlington Cemetery. This man loved his country, the United States, but was also dedicated to his Southern heritage. The man was Robert E. Lee.

Will we burn down the memorial to him known as Lee-Custis Mansion where in the front yard of his home is the grave of John F. Kennedy Jr. and the eternal flame as well as the thousands of war heroes buried there?

Why do you not report this so the citizens of our country can get a brief history lesson? Will Gettysburg be next?

John Thornton (Tommy) Thomas, Jr.


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