Don’t let mobs distort history

To the Editor:

How many times have we heard or said “history repeats itself?” I’d say often regarding everything from politics, to family, to world events or even everyday life.

In the U.S today we are seeing the repeat of Hitler’s Nazi Germany where thugs systematically destroyed German history … books were burned, commemorative monuments were torn down and the culture was demeaned to bolster the Hitler regime. The same actions occurred in communist China during the Red Guard Cultural Revolution, during the Russian Revolution and by ISIS terrorist who are destroying much of the centuries old Middle East history.

Is that who we are? In our country the reason given for the destruction of our public monuments is that they are offensive to some in our society. These heinous acts are not committed just because someone is offended. No, it is a concentrated attempt to negate our history and replace it with the culture and ideology of radical far left progressives.

Someone is offended? There is another side to that coin … those who are offended by the idea that a group of thugs can march onto public property and knock down any statue, plaque or monument they claim is offensive. Where do these radical leftists get so emboldened to think they and they alone can make a decision of what goes or stays in the public square?

Where are our elected officials and public leaders who we expect to stand up to mob rule and to halt law breakers? Where is the community outrage that demands to say yea or nay to the fate any public display? The mobs that are executing destruction now in public places have already destroyed private property throughout the nation …. Ferguson, Berkeley, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore to name only four locations where buildings and automobiles were burned, windows and anything in their way was destroyed in general rampages by these criminals.

Law-abiding citizens must make their voices heard to elected and other public officials who in our country are in their positions to execute the will of the people who elected them and pay their salaries.

Carol Adams


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