Council chooses Ensley as vice chief

Councilmember Alan “B” Ensley, of Yellowhill has been sworn in as Vice Chief following a veto from Principal Chief Richard Sneed on a resolution that would have filled the office through a special election.

The veto came before Tribal Council during its meeting Thursday, Sept. 14, and councilmembers supporting the legislation failed to gain enough votes to overturn the veto.

Following that vote, Councilmember Travis Smith, of Birdtown, had moved that Tribal Council take nominations to fill the vacancy from among its members. However, the move died for failure to gain a second. Tribal Council reconvened Monday, Sept. 18, to discuss the issue, and the session ended in Ensley’s selection for the office.

Ensley was sworn in later that day.

Ensley, one of the nine councilmembers who supported the controversial impeachment of former Principal Chief Patrick Lambert, is a longtime member of Tribal Council but opted not to run for reelection this year. He narrowly won reelection in the 2015 race when he edged challenger Arizona Jane Blankenship by one vote.

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