Haywood County manager resigns

Haywood County Manager Ira Dove has resigned; a resignation letter was sent out the morning of Oct. 4 from Candace Way, who serves as both clerk to the Haywood County Board of County Commissioners as well as executive assistant to the County Manager.

The letter, dated October 3, 2017, reads as follows.


For the past 17 years it has been my humble privilege to serve with some of the finest people in making Haywood County a better place.

Whether as the attorney for social services, director of social services, or county manager it was always an honor to serve our citizens. Together we fed the hungry and gained access to medical care. For those in need, together, we protected children and adults and made public safety stronger than ever. Together, we did all this and more.

With a heart full of thanks for those who gave their full measure of commitment to public service, I recognize the time has come for me to move onto the next chapter of my career. I hereby resigned my position at Haywood County manager.


Ira Dove.

Haywood County Borad of Commissioners Chairman Kirk Kirkpatrick said that the county stands by Dove's statement and he didn't want to elaborate further, but he did say that Dove is leaving on good terms, without animosity, and that he wouldn't hesitate to reccomend him for other positions. 

"We wish him well and hope he does well in whatever he chooses to do," Kirkpatrick said. 

Assistant County manager Stoney Blevins will pick up some of the slack in the meantime; commissioners this morning were in the process of confirming the he had the authority to sign necessary documents. 

Kirkpatrick also said that the county would likely begin considering a replacement process at the next scheduled meeting - Oct. 16 - and would not call a special meeting prior. 

Look for more info on this situation as it develops.

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