I’ll have a beer and hash browns

To the Editor:

It’s been interesting to read the controversy about the Sunday “brunch bill” enactment in Bryson City, Jackson County and other locales in the region.

Might I suggest we take it one step further and allow both pouring and sales of alcoholic beverages 24/7 until Trump exits the White House.

As far as the so-called religious community objecting to booze with Sunday brunch, you surrendered your standing when you supported the “two” Corinthians pretender Trump.

Franklin Graham, John Hagee and all the others of the “religious” ilk are no different than temple priests in the days of old. They are only interested in power.

It’s been reported by fact-checkers Trump lied or told more than 1,900 falsehoods during 350 days in office. How do you tell when Trump lies? He opens his … (fill in the blank).

The president doesn’t know a Corinthian from an Ephesian or what happened to Saul on his way to Damascus, yet you blindly follow this truly weak, self-absorbed president.

Here’s one for you people who wear religion on your sleeves. Who is the “father of lies?” Think about it.

“Hey bartender, I think I’ll have a mimosa with that order of eggs benedict. Nah, make it a Dirty Girl Blonde, some hash browns scattered and smothered, and scrambled eggs.”

By the way, here’s to Noah and his vineyards. Cheers. Selah.

James Budd

Bryson City

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