We need better than Donald Trump

To the Editor:

I am 69, a seven-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and a Vietnam veteran.

There are so many things wrong about the current Trump administration. What a disappointment our executive branch must be to most of Congress, as it is to most Americans. I ask that our congressional delegation take a deep breath and consider your constituents. This administration will go away — hopefully sooner rather than later — but your constituents will not, and we will remember.

Mr. Trump has constantly demonstrated his lack of knowledge, skill, or abilities to do anything except kill Americans by his policy of enabling the wealthy, while he himself robs us blind through emoluments. I must credit him his ability to con.

Congress must not allow America to suffer for the sake of his ego. There are certainly many important matters that need attention. None of these has been addressed during this administration’s term as of yet. The one major item that was touted, the massive tax cut for rich families and corporations, is in fact a setback to American progress.

What we need is effective oversight and management. We are so far from that today.

Bill Taylor

Bryson City

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