Let’s get back to honoring all women

To the Editor:

Have you told your mother? Your sister? Your aunt? Your niece? Simply put, have you explained to all the females you know that we live in a new society?  Yes, indeed! They must be enlightened.

It has now been made very clear by prominent politicians and famous men of financial/social/political position that they have the “right” to grope, molest, seduce and otherwise demean women.

Powerful men used to exercise the “privilege” of prima noche. If you have watched Braveheart you might have noticed that that sexual abuse really angered the hero in the movie. Nowadays, however, men of status seem to be declaring the right to abuse women any time-day or night. 

President Trump may be the poster boy for this new phenomenon. Is this a fad or a trend that our society will tolerate for years to come? Will even more professed Christians who supported Trump find his ruthless words and actions despicable enough to realize that they sold out on Christian principles to a man who has asked for no forgiveness and sought no atonement?

Famous country singer Glen Campbell sang “There oughta be a Hall of Fame for mammas. Creation’s most unique and precious pearl. And heaven help us always to remember that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” 

Trump promised to be the best Christian representative people had seen in a long time. Does anyone else think he missed that mark by a mile?

Let’ get back to honoring our mothers, sisters aunts — well, all women.

Dave Waldrop


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