Conservation easement added at Sandy Mush

The property contains a diversity of plant life. SAHC photo The property contains a diversity of plant life. SAHC photo

A new conservation easement in Boyd Cove will protect 88 acres adjacent to thousands of already-protected acres in the Newfound Mountains of Sandy Mush in Buncombe County. 

Landowners Pattie and Ed Ellis have lived on the property since 1981, raising their two sons, learning to work the land and living close to the earth on their homestead. The conservation easement, held by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, will prevent future development on the tract, protecting the forested cove to ensure that habitat and water sources there remain undisturbed for future generations. The Ellis family has documented more than 100 species of plants and animals during their years living there, as well as 15 springs. 

“Sandy Mush is a special place, and we are glad to be part of the movement to preserve it,” says Ed Ellis. “When we learned about friends and neighbors in Sandy Mush conserving their properties, we wanted to do the same.”

Boyd Cove adjoins Robinson Rough Preserve, also protected by SAHC, and sits within a network of conservation lands that include the Long Branch Environmental Education Center, Sandy Mush Herb Nursery, Little Sandy Mush Bald Preserve and other privately owned properties. 

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