Vote Phillip Price in Democratic primary

To the Editor:

I appreciated Cory Vaillancort’s story “Unseating Mark Meadows” describing the candidates running against the now-millionnaire incumbent representing the 11th Congressional District. We need a candidate who knows first hand what the middle class needs to thrive and grow in WNC. Phillip Price is that candidate. 

Phillip Price and his wife have operated a wood recycling business in WNC for 20 years. He has three children, all raised in WNC, who are going through the public school system. He values public education. Two of his children attended or are attending the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM). One son is an honor student at the Chemical Engineering Department at NCSU after graduating from the NCSSM. 

The last election taught us that the everyday men and women need a voice in Washington. We need to listen, but give WNC proven policies that will improve our lives. All of our futures depend on it. Vote for Phillip Price in the May 8 primary.

Kathy Kyle


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