Rowing and paddling aren’t synonymous

To the Editor:

As usual, your paper continues to cover important issues of our area that others largely ignore, but I feel I must call attention to a recent blunder.   

After seeing your front page titled “Room to Row,”(SMN cover, Jan. 26 issue) I had to let out an audible groan. As one of the few rowers west of Asheville, I’ve found myself (more than a few times) having to explain the difference between rowing and kayaking. One does not ROW a kayak, canoe or raft; they are PADDLED. A rower propels a boat backward using oars, not a paddle. Also, a row boat needs flat water, such as a lake or deep river.

Although I can appreciate the play on words the title was obviously meant to be, it only adds to the misconception that many people have about the often misunderstood sport of rowing! If any of your readers would like to know more about rowing, I would recommend as a starting place.  

Bruce Buchanan


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