Where are the GOP-promised jobs?

To the Editor:

Where are the real jobs? During the 2010 election season, an organization named Real Jobs NC targeted Democratic incumbents in the North Carolina legislature with attack TV ads and mailers. This organization, a 527 group created May 2010, could receive unlimited contributions from businesses and individual donors. According to the Associated Press, it was funded by wealthy Republicans led by Republican millionaire Art Pope.

During the campaign season, it spent at least $500,000, including $265,000 for attack ads against moderate incumbent Sen. John Snow. Sen. Snow was defeated by Sen. Jim Davis by less than 200 votes. It is most likely that Real Jobs NC contributed to his defeat. People were desperate for jobs and still are.  

I propose that Real Jobs NC be renamed Kill Jobs NC. Republicans gained control of the North Carolina legislature and are now working on a budget. Although it is a moving target, I have seen estimates of the elimination of 26,000 jobs — with around 23,000 of those coming from education — in the House version of the budget. These jobs, and the essential functions they support, are being sacrificed because the Republicans in control of the NC legislature refuse to continue the existing state sales tax rate for two more years. Legislation was also introduced to refuse a federal grant for high-speed rail, which was estimated to create 4,800 jobs.

North Carolina, let’s not be fooled again by shady radical right-wing organizations with noble-sounding names formed to elect politicians who will transfer even more wealth from the working class to the filthy rich.

Carole Larivee


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