Haywood farmers bone up on business skills and planning

Nine Haywood County farmers and growers boosted their business planning with agriculture-specific training through Mountain BizWorks.

Bethel farmer Skipper Russell, owner of Seasonal Produce Farm, said the course gave him tangible tools to diversify his markets. He has been farming his whole life but just became a full time farmer in 2008.

He has worked hard to gain certifications that will allow him to sell produce to larger institutions like schools and hospitals.

“The business-planning course walks clients through the steps of turning a business idea into reality and determine the feasibility of that idea,” says Ag-Biz developer Sheryl Rudd.

The class doesn’t just teach clients, though.

“The great opportunity to network with other growers and producers is a true blessing,” says Dawn Cox of Bethel-Eden Farmers Market.

The purpose of Mountain BizWorks’ Ag-Biz Program is to create a more vibrant regional agricultural economy in Western North Carolina. The program focuses on creating new agricultural businesses as well as enhancing existing operations.

828.631.0292 or 828.919.1000 or mountainbizworks.org.

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