Bothwell supports health care for all

To the Editor:

Last March, I realized everyone’s worst nightmare when a doctor diagnosed my 44-year-old husband, Ben, with a rectal tumor. Ben had no risk factors. We were stunned and heartbroken. Within two weeks of treatment, we had met our $10,000 per year insurance deductible. This could happen to anyone. What if we didn’t have insurance? What will the insurance company do to our already exorbitant insurance rates? The last question keeps us both awake at night.

The Republicans are a heartless bunch when it comes to giving Americans access to universal healthcare. As they fall over themselves giving tax breaks to the very wealthy, the middle class and poor are putting off healthcare, sometimes until it’s too late. Yet our incumbent Congressman, Heath Shuler, so-called Democrat, voted against the health care bill too. He also extended tax cuts to the rich.  

Cecil Bothwell is running against Heath Shuler, and he supports a single-payer, universal health insurance, via extension of the Medicare system. He’s good people and will do everything it takes to make sure that we can all afford quality health care.

Heather Rayburn


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